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A Fresh Take on The Classroom

Thanks to the Ballston Spa Education Foundation and our inaugural BSEF/Fred Reiners Memorial Grant for Educational Enrichment the elementary school students of Ballston Spa are taking THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX to a whole new level. In the spring of 2019, Caitlin Iannotti, Carolyn Mitchell and Michelle Greco at Gordon Creek Elementary School won the grant for $8,851 to build an outdoor classroom. This outdoor classroom is a space where students have an opportunity to be inquisitive about the world around them, and have opportunities to explore, touch and learn things through different experiences—all while embracing education in the fresh air and sunlight.


The Gordon Creek School Community is grateful for the continued generosity of the BSEF and its ongoing commitment to support initiatives at our school.  This year, we would particularly like to thank the members of the Reiners Family for making our wishes for an outdoor classroom space come true! 

The large covered outdoor structure is outfitted with flexible seating, tables, a whiteboard, and even a storage facility.  The space and furnishings will accommodate anything from a small group of learners up to an entire class.  Teachers can conduct full lessons in the outdoor classroom or simply bring their students to engage in a variety of academic activities in a soothing, natural setting that encourages mindfulness and engagement.  We are excited to see the many creative ways teachers will incorporate the classroom space in their instruction and to solicit feedback from students regarding their learning experiences in the outdoor classroom.

Thank you again for truly taking to heart the sentiment that “Educating Everyone Takes Everyone”! - Michelle Greco

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